• Fluidicam Rheo

    Flow curves in the blink of an eye!

    FORMULACTION is proud to introduce a brand new instrument, combining microfluidic and optics, dedicated to rheology measurements. The FLUIDICAM RHEO automatically plots flow curves as a function of temperature and shear rates with high precision and repeatability.
    Amongst the main advantages of this technique:
    - Very low sample volume required ;
    - Extremely accurate even at low viscosity ;
    - Very wide shear rate range ;

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  • Rheolaser Crystal

    Thermal analysis by microrheology

    Ever wanted to perform thermal analysis experiments on a macroscopic end-product? Or on a fragile product sensitive to shear and sample preparation. Thanks to its innovative design and experimental set-up, the RHEOLASER CRYSTAL enables this kind of experiments:
    - Work directly on end-products (0.05 to 5g) ;
    - Wide temperature range (4 to 90°C) ;
    - Easy data treatment to identify phase transitions, melting, crystallization, …

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  • Turbiscan Classic 2

    Basics of the Turbiscan technology for short-term stability

    20 years after its introduction, the TURBISCAN CLASSIC is still a success in many labs thanks to its robustness and reliability. Its OIL SERIES version, dedicated to the Oil & Petroleum applications is compliant with ASTM D-7061 for asphaltenes stability testing and heavy fuel oil analysis.
    - Identify and quantify instabilities ;
    - Portable and robust instrument ;
    - New state of the art software for an easy data treatment

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  • New website

    An updated website, to be even closer to our users

    As you can see, our website has been updated. Together with a better user-experience and more information about our products, our users will also be able to access all the information they need to make the most out of their instruments. Be sure to check our different website areas:
    - Library for any documents request ;
    - Technology pages to discover any of our equipment ;
    - User Area where you can access any file necessary for your equipment (user guide, software, application notes, etc…)

10 11 2016 : New positions available!
10 11 2016 : Club Emulsion 2016
05 31 2016 : 2000th instrument sold

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- RL_CRY_01_Optimizing process to avoid chocolate blooming.pdf

- FC_RHEO_02_Viscosity to characterize protein protection.pdf

- TS_SIZE_02_SMLS particle size of various products.pdf

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Formulaction spirit


In 1994, Formulaction was a pioneer in the field of physical stability characterization by offering the TURBISCAN, the first instrument to analyse particles size and concentration in concentrated dispersions without dilution, thanks to the use of the Static Multiple Light Scattering principle.

Since 2006, Formulaction is the first and only company to use the Multi Speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy to analyze film formation, bulk rheology and gelling process, or even to perform thermal analysis on macroscopic samples with the RHEOLASER range.

In 2016, Formulaction innovates again with the FLUIDICAM, an optical rheometer, based on microfluidics, allowing flow curves measurement at very high shear rates, in a fully automatic way, with a very low sample consumption, and an extreme accuracy even for low viscosity samples.


Today, Formulaction is the leading company in the characterization of concentrated dispersions. We keep on innovating to offer you the best solutions for a better analysis and understanding of your formulas.


Formulaction is represented in more than 50 countries all over the world thanks to an efficient and well-trained distributor’s network and a subsidiary in the USA. Supporting our worldwide partners is one of our top priorities in order to be close to our users.

Some key numbers

- 2,000+ R&D labs equipped
- 2,000+ scientific publications
- 700+ patents using our instruments
- More than 75% marketshare on the physical stability market