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  • New collaboration

    between Formulaction and SDTech Nano

    We constantly work with industrial and academia partners to provide adapted solutions that answer targeted problems. We have recently started collaborating with SDTech Nano
    This new technological platform specialises in fabrication, characterization and process development of nanopowders and nanosuspensions. 
    Together with SDTech Nano we focus on studying the impact of  nanoparticle suspensions grinding on particle size and physical stability. 

  • Upcoming Webinars

    Register now for our upcoming events

    On February the 2nd at 11 AM (CET) 
    Turbiscan Webinar: Measuring average particle size without dilution. 


    On February the 8th at 11AM (EST) 
    US Webinar: Introduction to the TSI - Turbiscan Stability Index - a simple method for rapid stability ranking and evaluation.


  • New positions available!

    To keep going with our continuous growth of the last 10 years, Formulaction is looking for people to join our team in our headquarters, in Toulouse, France.

    If you want to join a dynamic team, strongly involved in the scientific community, do not hesitate to give a look at our job offers.




  • Upcoming Webinar

    Introduction to Turbiscan Stability Index

    Join our Webinar to learn about the Turbiscan Stability Index. 
    Learn how to evaluate stability of your formulation with a single number 

    For English Speakers a first session is scheduled for December the 7th @ 10am CET. Click to register
    For our French audience a second session will take place on December the 12th at 11am CET . Click to register

  • C2E Conference at IFPEN

    Colloids and Complex fluids for Energies

    From 4 to 6 December at Rueil-Malmaison we will discuss topics of solid and paste thermal aging analysis, fast determination of average molecular weight and evaluating emulsifiers efficiency for oil production by MLS. 

    You will be able to discover Fluidicam RHEO our microfluidic rheometer and learn more about Turbiscan technologies for colloid stability determination.

    Discover conference program details


    Beijing, China

    We are always keen to participate in scientific events. This week we are visiting Beijing during FORMULA IX conference
    Formula conferences allow researchers from academia and industry to exchange on recent progress in formulations in fields such as battery materials, inks, food and pharmaceuticals...

    Don't hesitate to meet our team on the stand or during the poster sessions we participate in.

  • Formulaction's sport spirit

    This summer we show our sporting form!!

    In July we participated in a 10 km run around the beautiful Toulouse city along with 3000 other runners!


Exploring the Industrial Applications of the Fluidicam Rheometer

sep 28 2018

Rheological studies of complex materials used in various industries (Coating, Pharma, Food…) are a challenging task whichrequires strong expertise. The measurement range and operating conditions are often limited due to the material structure (i.e. risk of denaturation) and the instrument used, which may require extrapolation and modelisation of data. Rheometers are used to analyse the complex flow characteristics of materials by subjecting a sample to various types of stress, such as shear stress and deformation. Established rheometric instruments require various geometries to provoke changes in samples and determine the relationship between measured parameters (shear viscosity, elastic and viscous moduli, etc.) and applied force. These measurements require deep knowledge of rheology and fluid mechanics in order to perform high quality analysis. It is essential to properly adapt the geometry to the measured fluid properties and conditions.

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Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical Dispersions

oct 05 2018

Pharmaceutical products comprise strictly controlled ratios of inert carrier media to biologically active ingredients (AIs). The carrier is designed to act as a delivery method for the active ingredient to facilitate the drug’s therapeutic action with enhanced locality. Solid phase pharmaceuticals such as capsules and tablets are basic in terms of their target specificity. These drugs must be ingested before the AIs can permeate through the blood barrier, often with significant delays before any therapeutic action occurs.

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Analysis of Concentrated Graphene Dispersions

sep 17 2018

Graphene is a unique material with electromechanical properties which have sparked a revolution in the field of materials science. Although allotropic with carbon, graphene exhibits behavior between that of a metal and a non-metal. It can be described as a semiconductor like silicon, although with vastly improved electrical conductivity. This is because graphene is comprised of a single sheet of carbon-carbon bonds arranged in a two-dimensional lattice, representing a longer mean free path for electrons to travel through. Alongside these outstanding electrical properties, graphene is incredibly strong, lightweight, and formable – but these properties are difficult to reproduce.

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