Exploring the Industrial Applications of the Fluidicam Rheometer

sep 28 2018

Rheological studies of complex materials used in various industries (Coating, Pharma, Food…) are a challenging task which requires strong expertise. The measurement range and operating conditions are often limited due to the material structure (i.e. risk of denaturation) and the instrument used, which may require extrapolation and modelisation of data. Rheometers are used to analyse the complex flow characteristics of materials by subjecting a sample to various types of stress, such as shear stress and deformation. Established rheometric instruments require various geometries to provoke changes in samples and determine the relationship between measured parameters (shear viscosity, elastic and viscous moduli, etc.) and applied force. These measurements require deep knowledge of rheology and fluid mechanics in order to perform high quality analysis. It is essential to properly adapt the geometry to the measured fluid properties and conditions.

The Fluidicam Rheometer pioneers the rheological characterization of flow behaviour in solutions using a microfluidic channel with two fluids flowing together in a laminar co-flow. This creates a liquid interface between sample and the second fluid - the reference. A high resolution camera acquires continuous images to detect subtle changes in the sample behaviour. Any difference in the interface position can be detected to determine the viscosity of the analyte in response to varying shear rates.

This innovative methodology is suitable for a broad range of applications. This blog post will explore the potential applications of the Fluidicam Rheometer in more detail:

Paints & Inks

The Fluidicam Rheometer can simulate the mechanical conditions common in painting and printing applications, including spraying and injection, to help determine the coverage and coating capacities of paints and inks in combination with other tests. This unique stress behaviour is valuable for characterising the efficacy of distinct solutions used in digital, offset, and screen printing.

Home & Personal Care

The rheological characteristics of personal care products such as cosmetics affect the application method as well as the finished texture of the product. These properties are critical for customer satisfaction. The Fluidicam Rheometer can assess the flow behaviour of cosmetic products in response to shear-forces that correspond to actual applications.


The Fluidicam Rheometer has found increasing use for quality control and characterisation of pharmaceutical products. With a viscosity range of 0.1 – 200,000 mPa.s, it is routinely used to monitor changes in sample viscosity to detect defects in pharmaceutical formulations, including denaturation in protein solutions, mimicking the conditions in the eyelid for liquid eye products, or simuate injectability of products. .

Oil & Petroleum

The efficiency of lubricantsused in oil exploration is critical for maintaining optimal crude oil extraction yields with high degrees of repeatability. Capable of simulating shear rates of up to 105s-1, the Fluidicam Rheometer can accurately characterise the flow behaviour of lubricants in confined conditions at elevated temperatures (up to 80°C) .

Food & Beverage

The Fluidicam Rheometer is widely used in the food industry to determine the characteristics of low-fat food products that have replaced fat molecules with water-based biopolymers. Rheological assessment of these novel arrangements are used to ensure that the resultant product closely mimics the textural and flavour properties of the product.

Rheometers from Formulaction

Formulaction supplies an extensive range of analytical instruments from particle characterisation (particle size and physical stability) to material characterisation (flow rheology , viscoelastic analysis , phase transition) for some of the most demanding fields. Our rheometer Fludicam is used to improve the quality of formulations for a broad range of sectors, including general chemistry and more specialised industrial applications. Its unique features, such as high viscosity and shear rate range, ease of use and accuracy, have made Fluidicam Rheo the perfect tool for the formulators in many industries.

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