The advent of protein-based drugs brings along new challenges in term of stability and formulation. Parameters such as temperature, shear, solvent composition affect the shelf life and can alter the drug efficiency.

Fluidicam allows fast and precise viscosity measurements with minimal sample volume and thus opening new possibilities to pharmaceutical industry.

  • Protein denaturationhigh sensibility to viscosity change to easily discriminate denaturation
  • Injectabilityhigh shear rates low viscosity high precision
  • Quality Controlfast easy and robust analysis


Depending on printing process, the transfer method of the subject will vary and thus different pressures will be applied.

Understanding the behavior of the ink is a guarantee of high quality results and avoiding process issues such as bleeding or clogging the printing head with a too viscous ink.

  • High shear rate measurement
  • High precision even for low viscosity samples


  • Home and Personal Care

The texture, practical application and final customer appreciation of many cosmetics are governed by their rheological properties. Most are complex formulations that need to embrace various rheological behaviors depending on desired customer use and Fluidicam allows to measure the viscosity at shear rates corresponding to actual real life conditions.

  • Drilling fluids – crude oil extraction

Long chain polymers flowing through porous rocks during drilling processes are subjected to high shear rates. Thus it is essential to properly characterize viscosity at high shear rates to optimize the extraction efficiency.

  • Lubricants

Viscosity impacts heat generation related to an oil's internal friction but also determines oil consumption. The resistance of an oil to shearing during lubrication is also an important factor and especially the ability to resist efficiency degradation with use.

  • Food industry

Soft drinks and dairy products can be measured in a hassle free manner. High shear rates achievable with Fluidicam can also bring new insight to spray drying efficiency.

  • And much more...

Paper coatings, electronic slurries and coatings, battery solutions, biopolymers and thickeners…


Microfluidic Rheometer

Viscosity is an essential property to characterize fluid behavior at flow. FLUIDICAM is designed to measure flow curves of products with various consistency (liquids, gels or semi-solid emulsions…) by combining microfluidic and imaging technologies.

Viscosity as a function of shear rate and temperature is measured in a single click set-up, free of calibration.      

Key benefits

  • High precision measurements
  • High shear rates
  • Small sample volume

How does it work?

A sample and a viscosity standard are pushed together through a microfluidic chip at controlled flow rates. Images of the flow are taken with dedicated camera and the position of the interface is measured.

When the sample viscosity changes, it will occupy a different volume in the chip and so the interface position will vary. A simple relation connects occupied volume and flow rates to the viscosity.  


  • Wide range of shear rates (100 to more than 105 s-1)
  • Wide range of viscosity (0.1 to 200,000 cP)
  • Extreme accuracy even at low viscosities (better than 1% accuracy)
  • Small sample volume (< 500 μL for a measurement point)
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Data and key features

> Flow curves

In couple of minutes, FLUIDICAM plots sample viscosity at selected shear rates by automatically adjusting flow rates. Additional replicates can be made with no user intervention nor resampling and always working on a fresh sample.  

> Temperature screening

In a single experiment setup, it is possible to screen sample viscosity as a function of shear rates and temperature. Only a small volume needs to be heated, making temperature control fast and accurate.

The dedicated software gives a possibility to automatically screen temperature and shear rate ranges 

> Visual control

Thanks to the dedicated camera, it is possible to visualize the inside of the channel at any time, before, during and after the experiment.

Data treatment allows to visualize the resulting images, and exclude any incorrect image, making the measurement even more reliable.

Instrument demonstration

Discover our Range

  • > Fluidicam Rheo


    One of a kind, fully automated rheometer combining microfluidic and imaging technologies. Easily plot flow curve as a function of shear rate and temperature with high precision and repeatability. 


    Microchip 50 or 150 microns, glass or PMMA
    Syringe size 10 ml (1 ml option)
    Minimum sample volume <500 μl
    Temperature control 4 to 80°C
    Accuracy 1%
    Repeatability 1%