Our mission is to provide the best solutions to characterize concentrated dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams), in terms of stability and rheology, for different application fields such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Oil & Petroleum, Electronics…

Our instrument ranges use innovative optical measurements based on Multiple Light Scattering and Microfluidics. We have developed patented technologies to characterize concentrated dispersions without sample preparation (no dilution, non-intrusive method).

Today we offer 3 ranges of product

  • Stability analysis of concentrated dispersions
  • Microrheology analysis of soft materials, for coatings drying, bulk microrheology or thermal analysis
  • Microfluidic measurement of the viscosity with a confined flow system


  • Market leader in dispersion stability (emulsions, suspensions, foams)
  • 2,000+ R&D labs using our instruments
  • 2,000+ scientific publications using our instruments
  • 700+ patents referring to our instruments
  • 30% of the top 1000 worldwide companies are Formulaction customers
  • Turnover growth rate: more than 10% / year for the last 10 years
  • Export turnover: 90%
  • 6 worldwide patents

Keep a Pioneer spirit

Formulaction about us - our expertise

1994: First company to launch a stability analyzer of concentrated dispersions (multiple light scattering in static mode).

2009: First company to launch a ready-to-use microrheology instrument (multiple light scattering in dynamic mode).

2016: Launching of a new innovative technique, combining microfluidics and optics to measure flow curves.

Give priority to Research

Formulaction about us - our expertise
  • The founder and CEO was a researcher at CNRS (French National Institute of Research).
  • R&D budget = 25% of the turnover.
  • Partnership with several international Scientific Institutes: The Institute for Surface Chemistry (Stockholm - Sweden), CRPP (Bordeaux - France), Bristol Colloïd Centre (Bristol – UK), Coating Research Institute ( Eastern Michigan University - USA)…
  • Scientific consultants from worldwide Universities (Europe, USA, Japan).

Be involved in the worldwide scientific community

Formulaction about us
  • Member of the « Formulation » Group of the French Chemical Society (SCF).
  • Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS, USA).
  • Member of the AFNOR committee (French Association for Normalisation), representing AFNOR in International Commissions for ISO.
  • Member of scientific committees for the organization of international conferences : Formula (Europe), ...
  • Participation to worldwide scientific congresses and seminars.

Consolidate an International culture

Formulaction about us - international spirit
  • Export sales: 90% of the total turnover.
  • A multicultural and multilingual team (6 nationalities).
  • 30+ distributors all over the world.
  • One subsidiary in the USA and Germany.

An involved team for the service to the customers

Formulaction about us - our mission
  • A reactive and mobile team.
  • High-level qualifications
  • Skilled in the fields of our customers.
  • A team with a very strong spirit of company solidarity.
  • A team highly concerned by customer applications and satisfaction.