Pickering Emulsions: The Stability and Applications of Solid-Particle Emulsions

may 22 2020

Many pharmaceuticals and food formulations contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components and so require emulsifiers to maintain good dispersion of these immiscible constituents for a stable product.1,2

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Formulaction and LDS form a new partnership with DKSH

may 05 2020

Formulaction and LDS form a new partnership with DKSH, to further expand in China

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stability agrochemicals

Agrochemical Formulations

feb 24 2020

Agrochemicals, such as fertilizers, and pesticides are big businesses. Since 2012total pesticide sales have remained relatively stable within the EU, with over 300M kg of pesticides alone being sold in 20162. The market has been moving towards growing demands of organic nutrition and higher concentration pesticides. Reducing our dependence on agrochemicals without posing risks to food security is challenging because pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones all help to ensure improved and consistent crop yields.3

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What is a colloidal dispersion and how to measure its stability?

jan 22 2020

A colloidal dispersion is composed of solid, liquid or gas particles dispersed in a continuous phase (solid, liquid or gas). Strictly speaking, the term colloidal refers to particles with at least one dimension ranging from 1nm to 1µm. Most commonly encountered colloidal dispersions are solid-liquid (suspensions), liquid-liquid (emulsions), gas-liquid (foams), and solid-gas (aerosols) dispersions.

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