Live Webinar Series : USA & Canada Coatings Spring Camp

mar 02 2022

Join us for our Spring Camp 2022 with a focus on the coatings industry and the challenges faced along with the innovative solutions that Formulaction can provide. This live webinar camp will consist of three different workshops focusing on unique challenges. Please join us!

How to optimize coating formulations : Stability , Shelf Life, Dispersibility

Date : March 17th

Time : 2 pm EST

Summary : This webinar will cover definitions and challenges faced by formulators. We will explain how the SMLS technology can be used to reduce the development time of new formulations, optimize scale-up processes, or analyze the shelf life of finished products.

You will be able to understand the benefits of quantifying destabilization with a single number and be able to anticipate any potential quality problems to save both time and money.

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How to enhance your material formulation and curing

Date : March 24th

Time : 11:00 AM EST

Summary : Various industries are challenged to provide more competitive and more environmentally friendly materials. They are constantly on the lookout for innovation, formulation, and reformulation of new materials. Thus, the characterization of these innovative formulations is a key point to control. Our innovative solution will help you with :

  • Formulation & reformulation: solvent free, biocompatible...
  • Precise knowledge & understanding of formulation: monitoring the drying kinetics: identification of the drying steps & characteristic times
  • Evaluate the impact of the formulation ingredients & film formation parameters: temperature, humidity, substrate, thickness
  • Determination of the optimal formulation & curing protocol: time, temperature

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How to measure viscosity of Paint & Inks under high Shear

Date : March 31st

Time : 11:00 AM EST

Summary : This webinar will take a dive into the prediction of processability and performances of ink formulations using the viscosity profile in the right conditions of use, in terms of shear rates and temperature.

This webinar session will interest formulators struggling with the viscosity measurement of inks or process manufacturers seeking successful ink printability.

We will present the FluidicamRHEO and how it works with a focus on the principle of the technique, followed by some examples in the inks jet ink sectors to highlight the different advantages brought by this new technology to the word of viscosity characterization of ink formulations.

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Shear Viscosity

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