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Polymers as stabilizers: What impact on Stability?

may 31 2021

Nowadays, chemists and formulators have access to a huge range of stabilizers and additives to reach their specifications and enhance dispersion properties. A majority of these additives are polymers or biopolymers. They have been used for decades and still, today, offer tremendous opportunities to move toward greener, healthier, and more efficient formulations. They are very promising due to their impact on multiple properties (viscosity, dispersibility, stability), reducing the number of ingredients in formulations, and providing benefits on multiple fronts.

Polymers and bio polymers are now present in most of the dispersions. From your everyday dairy product and cosmetics, trough building materials and newly developed vaccines, polymers are used in almost all the industries.

When used at the right concentration, polymers have a positive impact on shelf life. their addition improves rheological properties of the dispersions, adds steric hindrance between particles or creates a network to avoid particle migration.

However, at higher concentration, it may not only be more costly but will also lead to undesired and unexpected destabilizations like flocculation by depletion, particle sedimentation by tunnelling, network compression… This overdosage will negatively impact the stability and the final properties of the formulation. Additionally, these phenomena can be difficult to detect with conventional methods or with visual observation leaving the operator's judgment to conclude about the instability. As the visual signs can be misinterpreted with the naked eye, it is easy to mistake the overdosage with simple migration phenomena, which ultimately leads to wrong conclusions about the polymer concentration, hence resulting in even more destabilizations, and so one…

The Turbiscan technology can easily detect and identify the nature of the occruing destabilizations, providing sure and objective data about how to optimize dispersions and polymer concentrations for the highest stability. Get the most value of your polymer:  predict the stability enhancement to avoid the overdosage.

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