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Turbiscan: The natural choice for stability analysis

may 08 2019

There are different instruments that can be used to measure the physical stability of liquid dispersions, but which one to choose? Among all advertised solutions it is hard to make a good decision. A good way is to lead with the most popular choice among scientific community. This can be done by visiting numerous websites and joining scientific communities but also simply by comparing the number of publications that mention the different instruments. A higher number of publications indicates that more scientists use and thus rely on the technology. 

At Formulaction we have looked to compare the number of publications that mention our dispersion stability analyzer, Turbiscan®, for sedimentation, aggregation and particle size evolution quantification. We have compared the results with the two closest colloidal stability analyzer brands on the market:

The data speaks for itself: The number of publications that mention our core product Turbiscan, is at least 3 times higher compared to competing tools. To all of our users we wish to say thank you for your trust ! 

Another important choice when testing the stability of your sample is how to interpret and quantify the information. Is the data gathered easily compared and evaluated ? To accompany and simplify the decision taking of our users we have worked over years on a simple method to express all occurring destabilization with a simple indicator. This is why we introduced the Turbiscan stability index (TSI) which quantifies stability with a single number. It is now becoming widely used method for quantifying stability. This is also proved by the increasing number of publications that mention this method. 

The confidence of researchers in our solutions is growing year by year but the TSI is also widely used in industry where the validation decisions are critical and  must be addressed rapidly. The Turbiscan is the clear choice to analyse the stability of your formulations and the Turbiscan Stability Index is the most simple effective way of quantifying your sample’s stability. 

Key features of the Turbiscan® : 
- Fast and effective analysis
- High sensitivity & easy interpretation
- No dilution or sample preparation 
- Real stability conditions: no probes or external forces
- Trusted Technology: Formulaction have 25years of experience in stability analysis

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