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Coating analysis


The very first commercial instrument based on MS-DWS technology, RheolaserCOATING, enables monitoring of microstructure changes during the film formation process. It identifies the drying mechanisms and characteristic drying times on any kind of substrate and any thickness. It works on any kind of film-forming products or coatings, such as inks, paints, varnishes, resins, binders, cosmetic films...

Key benefits

  • Contact-free method
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Open environment: measurement on any kind of substrate, at any thickness

Multi-Speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy

To quantify the deformation speed of the speckle pattern and plot the speckle rate as a function of time, successive speckle images are acquired over time using a video camera.

The speckle images are then processed to determine the decorrelation time τ corresponding to a relevant speckle pattern deformation. The speckle rate is obtained as the inverse of time τ, and one point is plotted on the kinetics.

As the film progressively forms, scatterers motion decreases and so does the deformation speed of speckle pattern. The acquisition time is continuously optimized to achieve the best measurement at high and low speckle rates, i.e. to ensure accuracy and responsiveness.

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Data and key features

  • Rheolaser Coating - Coating drying analysis

> Fluidity Factor

Thanks to the unique and patented A.S.I.I. (Adaptive Speckle Image Interferometry) processing, the evolution of the “Fluidity Factor” versus time is displayed in real-time providing a wide range of information such as:

  • Optical film formation analyzer
  • Drying times (open time, touch-dry time, dry-hard time, ...)
  • Curing times
  • Microstructure change (particle packing, particle deformation, curing...)
Rheolaser Coating - drying characteristic times

> Characteristic times

RheolaserCOATING  gives access to any characteristic time of the drying/curing process:

  • Open-time
  • Dust-free
  • Set-to-touch
  • Dry through
  • Coating drying analysis
  • Coating drying analysis
  • Coating drying analysis

> A versatile device

Rheolaser COATING has been designed as an open configuration to run experiments with automatic coater and/or vacuum bed. It works with any sample thickness, records temperature and humidity at all times and works on any kind of substrate: metal, glass, plastic, wood, concrete, paper, and others... 

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