Visual microfluidic rheometer

Fluidicam RHEO is an innovative optical rheometer for accurate viscosity analysis even for very liquid samples. The flow visualization in a microfluidic channel presents multiple benefits to rheology determination: strong confinement offers high shear rate analysis, small sample volume requirements and extremely fast temperature adjustments.

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Highlights of Fluidicam Rheo

Highly accurate rheometer

Measurement with constant comparison to a reference solution provides high precision (1%) and reliability. Additionally, image acquisition offers a visual control of the flow and easy review of the data.

Fast viscosity measurement

> Dynamic viscosity (mPa.s)
Liquid sample analysis
Injectability properties
Sprayability properties
Average Molecular Weight determination

High shear rheometry

The instrument operates at high shear rates (from 100 to 105 s-1) allowing access to real usage conditions such as printing, spraying, injecting, lubrication or simple pipe flow.

Small sample Volume

Small channel dimensions lower sample consumption during the measurement. Therefore it is possible to measure viscosity at high shear with less than 500µL.


Paints & inks

Paint & inks

Home & personal care

General chemistry & polymers


Oil & Petroleum

food and beverages

Food & beverages

Instrument demonstration

Technical features

Sample viscosity range 0.1 - 200,000 mPa.s
Shear rate range 100 - 105 s-1
Temperature range
4 - 80°C
Minimum sample volume < 500 μL
Microfluidic chip
150 and 50 μm (glass or PMMA)
Syringe size 10 mL
Accuracy 1%
Repeatability 1%
Dimensions 37 x 32 x 66 cm
Weight 25 kg

Key benefits

Fluidicam RHEO is a simple to use instrument with high repeatability and precision, small sample consumption allows multiple experiments to be carried out without the need to re-sample. 

The enclosed system provides additional benefits: volatile, fast-drying samples can be easily characterized. The possibility to choose the reference solutions means that either relative or absolute viscosity can be measured.

Specially designed heating plate reduces the time required to adjust the temperature and makes possible to measure viscosity from 4 to 80°C in less than 15min.